The World’s Most Secure Social Brands

General Mills

“Proofpoint’s SocialPatrol was able to help us to get control over high levels of spam and inappropriate comments on our Instagram accounts. Without the Proofpoint technology, our only recourse would have been a costly expansion of our manual moderation or risk losing followers.”

– Jeff Hagen, Director, Global Consumer Relations



Spectrum Health

“Before, it was a manual process to look through all messages and flag for patient contact details, but today, with Proofpoint SocialPatrol, we can set it up to operate automatically in the background so that we don’t have to worry.”

– Kristen Coppens, Social Media Center of Excellence at Spectrum Health

Case Study: How Hootsuite & Proofpoint (Formerly Nexgate) Protects Spectrum Health




“We’ve used Proofpoint SocialDiscover successfully to help take down hundreds of fake social media accounts created by fraudsters.”



Golden State Warriors

“Social media is an important connection point to our fans around the world. We want to create a safe environment and malicious comments undermine our efforts to enable these positive relationships. Our goal is to deliver an engaging and positive fan experience and Proofpoint helps deliver on that objective.”

– Jeremy Thum, Senior Director of Digital Experience
The Golden State Warriors

Case Study: How Proofpoint Protects The Golden State Warriors



ING Bank

“Thanks to Proofpoint, we increased our visibility and can automatically enforce security and compliance policies.”

– Micah Fox, Online Expert for Corp. Communications

Case Study: How Proofpoint Protects ING Bank




“We’re excited to add Proofpoint Social Media Protection solutions to our social infrastructure stack as a dedicated security layer to protect our investment.”

– Justin Levy, Director, Social Marketing



Guardian Life Insurance

“The great thing about Proofpoint is that it’s totally invisible to the adviser yet it provides the guardrails they need to stay compliant.”

– Nate Issacson, Manager of Social Enablement & Digital Marketing



Rosetta Stone

“We leverage social media channels heavily in our online marketing efforts and have many tools and products to drive activity and mine the data from our presence. What’s been missing is an automated way to keep track of this new system of accounts and tools, protect the integrity of those accounts from content and access issues, and even track those 3rd party accounts that are hijacking our efforts. Proofpoint provides a solution to address those challenges.”

– Eric Ludwig, Vice President & General Manager US Consumer