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Proofpoint Social Media Protection (formerly Nexgate) is a cloud-based service that lets you discover, monitor, and protect your brand’s accounts across all the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Our patent-pending technology addresses the growing challenge of social media security and compliance.  As you invest heavily in social media, it’s imperative that you protect your social account from hacks, malicious content, rogue employees, SPAM and other threats, just like you do with all of your other communications tools like email and IM.  However, instead of using a traditional hardware gateway or software solution, Proofpoint Social Media Protection solutions is a 100% cloud-based social media tool that seamlessly integrates with your social media accounts to reduce risk, protect your brand, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Proofpoint Social Media Protection

SocialDiscover™ – Find & Categorize Branded Accounts

Most companies don’t actually know how many branded accounts they have on social media. The average is 178! SocialDiscover quickly searches and finds the applications, accounts, and properties that are affiliated with your brand, and lets you categorize your presence for ongoing management and measurement. Additionally, it includes our SocialSight™ social media security dashboard, which measures the footprint and activity for your accounts, benchmarks that with competitors, identifies key content and risks, and reports on all aspects of security and compliance for your social program. Learn More.


SocialPatrol™ – Protect Brand Accounts & Ensure Compliance

SocialPatrol monitors and protects your social accounts by applying content policies for security, compliance and acceptable use. The service archives all content, with classification and tagging to enable more efficient and accurate legal discovery, and helps prevent embarrassments, mistakes, abuse, hacks, and regulatory violations for your company and your audience, and provides instant tamper alerts whenever your branded social account is modified. Learn More.


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