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Proofpoint Password Lockbox

No more social media account password management in ExcelProofpoint’s Password Lockbox (formerly Nexgate) is a cloud-based solution that lets you streamline secure access controls to your brand’s social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and more.

Gone are the days of risky password sharing and managing cumbersome lists of credentials. Password Lockbox completely eliminates the need to share social account passwords amongst multiple team members and partners or store passwords in Excel, putting your brand’s accounts at risk of a security breach, compliance violation, and data loss in social media.

Password Lockbox centrally manages secure access to all your brand’s social media accounts. Simply provision and de-provision access for your users on-the-fly, and seamlessly monitor and manage who can access what social accounts.

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Eliminate Password Sharing

Password Lockbox simplifies password management for social media managers and their IT departments. It integrates seamlessly with the leading social media networks and marketing platforms so you can easily authorize access for any number of partners or employees –from individuals to large groups – who then simply input their corporate credentials into Password Lockbox to gain the appropriate level of access to your branded social accounts.

End Excel-Based Password Management

Say goodbye to storing long lists of passwords in Excel for your social media accounts that leave your brand vulnerable. With Password Lockbox’s streamlined password control, there’s no need for inefficient and risky Excel-based management – just one simple automated system from Proofpoint Social Media Protection that lets you easily provision, monitor, and report on account access.

Stop Social Media Account Hacks

Password Lockbox dramatically reduces the attack surface area for hackers to exploit by ensuring that day-to-day users never have administrator-level passwords to your accounts and social applications (e.g., publishing tools). Employees and partners are thus protected from fraud and spear phishing attacks, and hackers are unable to obtain the credentials to directly access the brand’s social accounts.

Reduce Social Media Blunders

By streamlining account access provisioning, social media managers and their IT teams can reduce risk from errant access and posts from employees, PR firms, and partners. Based on the enterprise trusted and market-leading OneLogin platform, Password Lockbox can enforce strong, two-factor authentication for users and support enterprise single sign-on, creating a dedicated layer of social media security for your social infrastructure.

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