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Salesforce Chatter Security & Compliance App

Salesforce Chatter Security and Compliance AppProofpoint’s Salesforce Chatter Security & Compliance App provides enterprise social media security and compliance to protect social collaboration and communications. Our solution offers unique controls to address abusive employee or community member behavior, sensitive data leakage, and regulated data and compliance standards.

With our solution, administrators can apply consistent policies to Chatter instances, Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Google+ Pages, YouTube Channels, and the other social communities. It’s sophisticated, yet easy-to-implement policies automatically detect, log, notify and remediate content and conversations across security, compliance, and acceptable use content categories using 100s of pre-built data classifiers. Our patent-pending detection and enforcement system includes unified reporting and incident management, as well as automated intelligent archiving to enterprise eDiscovery and archiving systems.

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Social Collaboration Security & Compliance

With Proofpoint’s Salesforce Chatter App, you get powerful monitoring and controls for Chatter collaboration, including the ability to uniquely address:

➢ Abusive employee and community members with moderation controls for threats, bullying, hate speech, and other abuse, as well as automated capture, retention, reporting and advanced workflow controls for eDiscovery and HR notification.

➢ Sensitive data leakage with the ability to identify and moderate company confidential information, discussions pertaining to company performance, mergers and acquisitions, new products or projects, and more, while immediately triggering automated workflow and response across legal, HR, and IT teams.

➢ Regulated data and compliance risks, including monitoring, workflow, and controls for FDA rules for reporting adverse drug effects, inappropriate discussions containing personally identifiable information (PII), and more using 100’s of pre-built data classifiers for FFIEC, FINRA, SEC, FDA, HIPAA, PII, PHI and other regulated data and communications.

➢ Policy application and standardization with centralized administration, reporting, and retention of uniform security and compliance policies across both private (Salesforce Chatter) and public social media networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

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