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SocialPatrol Archive

Archive Social Media in Seconds

Archiving corporate social media communications is required by a range of industry and government regulations.  But at times, the task of setting up a compliant archive can be a challenge.

SocialPatrol Archive gets it done in seconds.

SocialPatrol Archive is an easy to use social media archiving add-on for Proofpoint’s SocialPatrol (formerly Nexgate) compliance solution.  When added to SocialPatrol, it delivers the industry’s only end-to-end social media compliance solution that combines an SEC Rule 17a-ready archive, automated content review, supervision workflow and direct remediation. For SocialPatrol customers, there is no easier way to meet social data retention requirements.

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Enterprise-Class Data Retention Made Easy

SocialPatrol Archive makes meeting data retention requirements such as SEC Rule 17a easy.  With a single check-box, all communications are automatically sent a highly durable (99.999999999%) archive infrastructure that stores data redundantly in multiple facilities and on multiple devices within each facility  All data can be retrieved in a legally defensible format.

Enable Archive Nexgate

Intelligent Audit and eDiscovery

Social Archive Nexgate

SocialPatrol archives rich compliance meta-data including regulation risk classifications, social account types, remediation actions, workflow status, publishing apps, and more. This context dramatically accelerates audit and eDiscovery. For example, you can find all FFIEC risks by simply browsing automated risk classifications – just a few clicks and you are done. There is no need for tedious manual keyword searches.

A Unified Audit Record

In addition to accelerating eDiscovery (see above) SocialPatrol meta-data simplifies audits by providing a complete record of the compliance process in one place.  Was each identified risky incident reviewed?  Who reviewed it?  Most importantly, was it remediated?  It’s all captured automatically by SocialPatrol.  Archive-only approaches typically just store the content – it’s up to you to figure out how it was handled.  With SocialPatrol, there is no need to piece together audit documentation from multiple sources.

Nexgate SocialPatrol Audit Archive

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