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Streamline Social Media Content Review

Social Syndicate Submission PortalProofpoint’s SocialSyndicate (formerly Nexgate) is a powerful content collection, compliance review, and content syndication solution that streamlines content review for large brands in social media.

Using SocialSyndicate’s patent-pending Deep Social Linguistic Analysis (DSLA) technology, social media and brand managers can aggregate content from across their enterprise, review it for security, risk, and compliance violations (including FINRA, FFIEC, FDA, SEC, FCA violations), and syndicate content distribution across their social media marketing platforms.

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Consolidate Content from Across the Enterprise

Social Syndicate Content DispositionSocial media is a powerful channel for brands to communicate with their audiences, but it can be challenging to reconcile the real-time nature of social with the right security. SocialSyndicate helps solve this problem by providing a web-based portal for the employees and team members across your enterprise to contribute content for review. SocialSyndicate provides a central collection point to quickly and easily gather organic social content and enforce policy controls with a frictionless and transparent workflow.

Pre-Scan Content for Compliance

Policy ControlsRegardless of your organization’s industry, there are often regulatory challenges to be addressed on social media. Using highly advanced DSLA technology with over 100-built-in classifiers, SocialSyndicate automatically identifies and reports on compliance risks within seconds and notifies you in the event that that content violates policy, requires review by compliance or supervisory personnel, or was approved for publishing. Each report is audited so you can maintain compliance simply, efficiently, and effectively.

Syndicate Content Across Your Platforms

Social Syndicate Content DistributionSocialSyndicate integrates with virtually every social media content management system (CMS) and publishing tool. It includes full workflow options and the ability to export content to Social Media Marketing Solution (SMMS) libraries, thereby improving investment in your pre-existing social tools. With your content already pre-scanned for violations, SocialSyndicate makes it easy to distribute material with the assurance that it is compliant and safe for use in your social media marketing.

Simplify Your Content Review Cycle

Stop WatchProofpoint’s SocialSyndicate dramatically reduces the time and cost of social content review by automating what has previously been a manual and cumbersome process. With a central aggregation point for your content creation team, employees, and partners and automated content pre-checks for potential security, risk, and compliance problems, you can streamline your review and syndication workflow across your enterprise.

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