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Proofpoint SocialPatrol

Advanced Protection for Your Social Media Accounts

Proofpoint’s SocialPatrol (formerly Nexgate) provides advanced protection for branded social media accounts across all major social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

Using our patent-pending technology, you can lock your social media accounts, stop hackers from defacing your brand, remove malicious or inappropriate content, control connected applications, prevent unauthorized publishing, and address compliance requirements.

Want to read a customer case study of how SocialPatrol deploys and protects a brand at scale?  Check out our latest Golden State Warriors Case Study which shows how Proofpoint SocialPatrol blocked thousands of spam, profanity, hate and pornographic messages during the one-week period leading up to the NBA Championship Finals.

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Account Protection with ProfileLock™

ProfileLock is included in SocialPatrol and provides real-time monitoring and remediation for account tampering, hacks, and abuse. Our ProfileLock tool integrates via API with all major social networks, and continuously monitors for security risk posts and changes to your social media profiles. If such occur, ProfileLock automatically alerts you and removes any unauthorized content after a pre-specified period of time. Watch our demo

With ProfileLock, you can:

  • Set and lock accounts to authorized owners, images, credentials, 3rd party applications, etc; and
  • Trigger logging, notification, change confirmation requests, and remediation for any account changes.

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Automated Social Media Content Moderation


SocialPatrol automates content and security moderation so you can apply your scarce resources to other social media marketing activities. Pre-configured policy templates come standard within SocialPatrol for content security, compliance, and acceptable use, making it easy to get started. With just a few clicks, you can set policy out-of-the-box across a wide range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, retail and more, with no rule-writing required. You can even set a time window for a policy to be active to prevent sensitive information, such as a product announcement, from unexpectedly leaking out to the public.

SocialPatrol includes over 110 classifiers as well as our patent-pending Deep Social Linguistic Analysis (DSLA) technology and natural language processing (NLP) for unparalleled accuracy. The version of SocialPatrol for Instagram includes image scanning software that can read text in images and recognized pornographic pictures.

With SocialPatrol’s advanced content moderation, you get:

  • 3-clicks to unified enterprise grade content security, compliance, and acceptable use categories; and
  • Options for logging, notification, auto-remediation as well as 1-click incident remediation.

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Social Application Controls

SocialPatrol lets you control the applications that can access and publish content across your social networks. Using our built-in application categorization, you can create a white list of approved applications that are authorized to publish to your accounts. Authorize your corporate publishing tool, for example, and automatically remediate any content posted by other, unauthorized applications that violate your defined workflow. With SocialPatrol’s application controls, you can:

  • Enable only authorized applications to connect and publish to your accounts;
  • Enforce application workflow and remediate violations automatically; and
  • Receive alerts and log any application policy infractions.

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Risk and Compliance Management

SocialPatrol provides simple, click-and-comply policy controls and reporting to ensure compliance with industry regulations and corporate governance. Pre-built policies and reports make it easy to identify, remediate, and report on compliance violations across all of your social media properties, and intelligent archiving saves you time and money on search and eDiscovery projects. With Proofpoint SocialPatrol, social media compliance is made simple. Learn more

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