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Privacy-First Security For Employee Social Media Programs

Marketing teams are increasingly looking to social media savvy employees to promote the brand. But, mixing personal and professional social communications creates risks for the brand. What if an employee’s account gets hacked? What if an employee accidentally divulges sensitive information? Without security checks in place, your brand is at risk. At the same time, the business must respect employee privacy laws.

SocialSight is here to help!

SocialSight brings enterprise-class security to employee social media programs while maintaining 100% employee privacy and control of their accounts. It helps employees avoid embarrassing mistakes, protects against hacks, and secures collaboration between peers.

We take privacy seriously. Check out our privacy pledge here.




Secure Posts, Accounts, And Feeds

With social media as a primary target for cyber-attacks like spam, malware, phishing, and scams, SocialSight ensures employee posts and feeds are always secure.

It also monitors employee account configurations and posting behavior for signs of hacker activity. If a hacking attempt is discovered, SocialSight sends an email alert and even deletes any posts made by the bad guy.

Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes

We all know how easy it is to broadcast something that accidentally includes an embarrassing link or divulges sensitive information. SocialSight protects your brand from the fallout that comes from accidental posts by providing employees with a warning alert whenever a post includes inappropriate links or language.

And, when an employee chooses to keep their feeds family-friendly, SocialSight will check for hate, intolerance, bullying, pornography, and profanity. An alert will be sent anytime there’s something to review.



Secure Employee Collaboration

SocialSight secures employee collaboration with peers. Professional posts from your publishing tool are scanned for security risk before they are shared with peers.

Plus, SocialSight provides insights into which posts are performing best for peers and what the employee’s own community is responding to most.

Gain Visibility – Maintain Privacy

Reporting analytics provide insights into the social media security posture of your employees as a group. Is unprofessional content a problem? Are employees discussing unannounced future products? Is a new phishing scam spreading?

With SocialSight gain visibility into security weakness how to reduce risk. And, data is aggregated and anonymized, so employees maintain 100% privacy and control of their personal accounts (see our privacy pledge here). If unprofessional content begins to creep up, you’ll see it happen across all employees – not any individual user. You can then respond be sending out a friendly reminder of your conduct policy and employee responsibilities as brand advocates.



Win-Win Solution

SocialSight makes your life easy with a solution that’s simple to use – just send your employees the link, and with a few clicks, they’re up and running.

And, it works seamlessly in the same environment with any brand advocacy tools you might be using. SocialSight is a “win-win” for you and your employees. It gives you confidence that the brand is protected while preserving the privacy of employee communications.

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