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We’ve created a variety of content to help you build a secure social media program for your brand. The resources below are available free of charge. We invite you to download, use, and share them with your colleagues. If you have any questions about how to use these resources, or if you have an idea for something new, please feel free to contact us.

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Fraudulent Accounts Social Media Report

Social Media Brand Fraud Report

More and more, cyber criminals are using fraudulent social media accounts that imitate your brand to attack your company or customers. Download our new research report and learn about the current state of social media fraud, and ways you can protect your social presence from these increasing security risks. Understand how social media threats can impact your organization, then explore the tools and strategies necessary to protect your organization.

Top 4 Social Media Risks For Brands

Social Media: Risk Or Reward For Your Brand?

Active participation in social media can bring great rewards for your organization, but social media also poses a risk to your brand. Download this paper and learn how you can protect your company, your customers, and your brand from four top social media risks. Created in collaboration with Third Door Media, this paper will show you how new technologies can support successful and secure social media expansion.

Guide To Social Media Security

Guide To Corporate Social Media Security

With the rapid business adoption of social media as a core communication channel, organizations are increasingly exposed to an array of internal and external security risks, especially those with significant social media presence. The FBI, Gartner and many other security analysts cite social media as one of the fastest growing security threats and it’s important that security teams gain an understanding of this new attack surface and develop a plan to protect their business. In this white paper, learn about the top five corporate social media risks and tips for protecting your organization.

Social Media Compliance Blue Hill Research

Research: Securing Social Media Strategy In The Financial Industry

Social media investment is growing for financial services organizations. Marketing teams, advisors, and agents from boutique firms and top banks all recognize the power of social to promote their services. But these companies face strict industry regulations. Successfully expanding social media efforts while staying compliant presents a unique challenge. Download this paper from Blue Hill Research to learn more about how financial services organizations are using automated social media protection tools to secure their social media strategy, analysis is based on real data from interviews with top financial firms.

ROI Of Social Media Compliance Investments Blue Hill Research

Research: Estimating The ROI Of Social Media Risk Prevention Investments

Choosing the right tool to monitor, archive, and remediate content and communication on social media is a vital part of safely expanding social media efforts while remaining compliant with industry regulations. But it can be difficult to calculate the ROI of new social media tools. Download this paper from Blue Hill Research to learn how to estimate the ROI of social media risk prevention investments.

Fortune 100 Social Media Compliance Report

Research: The State of Social Media Infrastructure Part III – A Compliance Analysis Fortune 100 Social Media Infrasructure

This industry-first research looks at how well early corporate social media compliance programs are functioning in a difficult environment by analyzing the content posted to over 32,000 Fortune 100 social accounts. It provides a taxonomy of the most common incidents, real-world examples, key operational challenges, and steps that any organization can take to better manage social media compliance risk.

Fortune 100 Social Media Threat Report

Research: The State of Social Media Infrastructure Part II – Security Threats to Social Infrastructure of the Fortune 100

This industry-first security research analyzes the social media presence of Fortune 100 firms. It provides a taxonomy of key threats facing enterprise social media accounts, the severity of each threat, examples, and recommendations for protecting your organzation.

Fortune 100 Social Media Infrastructure Report

Research: The State of Social Media Infrastructure Part I – Benchmarking the Social Communication Infrastructure of the Fortune 100

Proofpoint Social Media Protection examines the social media footprint of the Fortune 100. How many accounts are linked to the average firm? What what apps are used to publish content? Which social networks are most common? This report serves as a blueprint for understanding the underpinnings of enterprise social communication infrastructure.

Get the Social Media Spam Report

Research: 2013 State of Social Media Spam

Social media spam is on the rise as a primary attack vector for cybercriminals. In fact, between January to July of 2013, social spam grew by more than 355%. As marketers scramble to become more social, the ‘bad guys’ are quickly following suit.

Download our report on social media spam techniques and trends. Written by our team of data scientists with analysis of more than 25 million user accounts and 60 million pieces of social content, we’ve uncovered some revealing findings.

How to Stop Social Media Hacks White Paper

White Paper: How to Stop Social Media Account Hacks

Social Media account hacks are a nightmare for any organization. Accounts are hijacked to embarrass the brand, distribute malware, manipulate stock prices, etc.. This paper presents a step-by-step process for protecting your organization from social media account hacks.


White Paper: Discovering & Reporting Fraudulent Accounts

Today, the average enterprise has more than 300 social media accounts affiliated with its brand. As social media has become more and more universally adopted, the number of accounts across every social platform has increased, partly due to the low barrier between users and creating pages–virtually anyone can create a page under a brand name! Fraudulent pages can greatly misrepresent your brand, mislead your customers and redirect your marketing dollars towards promoting pages that harm your brand image. Learn how you can simplify the process of discovering and reporting fraudulent accounts to protect your brand on social media.


White Paper: Mapping Organizational Roles and Responsibilities for Social Media Risk 

To get optimal value from social media efforts, organizations need to establish controls for the downsides of the technology by first clearly defining which roles within their unique corporate structure should be involved in social media risk management and their specific responsibilities. This report outlines a framework for assigning roles and responsibilities to manage social media risk.

5 Steps to Social Media Compliance

White Paper: Five Steps to Social Media Compliance

FINRA, the SEC, FFIEC, and the FDA – each has or is in the process of creating guidelines for social media communications to regulate organizations in their respective industries.

Download our paper on The Five Steps to Social Media Compliance to learn about how regulations may affect financial, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other industries using social media, and what you can do to address the growing requirements for your organization.

Social Account Discovery

Social Account Discovery: Finding Your Brand’s Social Infrastructure

The average enterprise has more than 300 social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and the other leading social networks.

The social web has unquestionably emerged as a core communication and engagement channel for businesses. However, identifying and managing so many social accounts can be a tremendous challenge, and failing to do so leaves real business opportunity on the table, introduces risk, and increases costs for organizations.

This paper describes the need for social account discovery and highlights the ROI for enterprise brands.

Spectrum Health Nexgate Case Study

Case Study: How Proofpoint Protects Spectrum Health System

Learn how Spectrum Health System integrates Proofpoint Social Media Protection (formerly Nexgate) and Brandwatch with Hootsuite Enterprise to maintain compliance on social media. Spectrum Health System is West Michigan’s largest employer with nearly 23,000 employees across 12 hospitals. Read our joint case study with Hootsuite to learn about how Spectrum Health is navigating HIPAA compliance regulations while scaling social across their organization.

Golden State Warriors Case Study Nexgate

Case Study: How Proofpoint Protects The Golden State Warriors

Over a one-week period during the NBA Championship playoffs, the Golden State Warriors’ Facebook community posted over 49,000 comments! Learn more about how Proofpoint helped the Golden State Warriors keep up with the thousands of harmful comments and maintained a family-friendly customer experience that’s consistent with the NBA brand, helping to build fan engagement and preventing negative content from obscuring their brand message.

Nexgate Financial Services Case Study

Financial Services RIAs Case Study

This prominent financial services company has a long history of providing financial advice and insurance recommendations through their 13,000 independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). Taking a community-centric approach, these RIAs are actively engaged within their local communities and regularly use social media as a platform to interact with new and existing clients. This posed a huge compliance challenge for the company that resulted in resource-intensive, manual supervision which left the door open to possible SEC and FINRA policy violations and legal liabilities. In this case study, learn how this company scaled their social media compliance program and discovered a solution that delivered them thirteen times more visibility into RIA social media accounts and reduced their manual supervision efforts to nearly 99.9%.

ING Bank Nexgate Case Study

Case Study: How Proofpoint Nexgate Protects ING Bank

ING is a premiere global financial services brand offering a range of banking and insurance services in over fifty countries. With 64,000 employees and over 33 million customers, its objective is to streamline and simplify banking through reliable products and services, and with that, they wanted to expand their social media presence and encourage their employees to safely participate in social media. An integral part of this mission involved Proofpoint Social Media Protection (formerly Nexgate), which helped ING to engage in online conversation and avoid potential compliance risks efficiently.  Learn how ING scaled their social efforts while reducing their overall corporate risk in this customer case study.

Forrester Wave for SRC

The Forrester Wave™: Social Risk And Compliance Solutions, Q2 2014

Forrester Research, Inc. evaluated 10 companies across 22 criteria, including the ability to provide security and account protection, risk monitoring and reporting, workflow management, and control monitoring and enforcement for social media. Read the report to learn about the social media risk and compliance solutions and see why Proofpoint Social Media Protection solutions (formerly Nexgate) received the highest score of any solution and is noted for having rolled out “some of the most innovative technologies in the SRC market.”

Forrester Wave Digital Risk Monitoring Leaders

The Forrester Wave™: Digital Risk Monitoring, Q3 2016

See why Forrester recognized Proofpoint as a leader in Digital Risk Monitoring, for offering ‘unparalled control enforcement for covered digital channels, and for standing ‘above the rest of the pack with its strong portfolio of patents’. Forrester further states that ‘those seeking advanced capabilities to safeguard their company’s known digital presence while actively monitoring a sufficient set of digital channels to identify risks should put Proofpoint on their vendor shortlist.’

Gartner Cool Vendors Risk Management 2013

Gartner Cool Vendors in Risk Management and Compliance, 2013

Proofpoint Social Media Protection (formerly Nexgate) is included in this Cool Vendors report. The risk management and compliance Cool Vendors report presents new capabilities to address emerging requirements to improve business performance, address social compliance and cloud risks, and manage legal risks.

Guarding the Social GatesGuarding The Social Gates

Social media is the modern Pandora’s box: it has had a meteoric rise as a tool to interact and engage with customers, but also a dark underside exposing companies to new types of risk. Almost two-thirds of companies surveyed say that social media is a significant or critical risk to their brand reputation, yet 60% of companies either never train their employees about their corporate social media policies or do so only upon hiring. Moreover, 43% of companies have less then one full-time equivalent (FTE) dedicated to managing social media risk.

This report presents six steps to guarding your social gates.

Forrester Research Manage Social Media RiskManage The Risks Of Social Media

Social media is a security and risk nightmare — it’s used everywhere, all the time, by everyone both outside and inside your organization. Although social media offers potentially great marketing and business opportunities, it also exposes companies to numerous information security, regulatory, and reputational risks, among others. To manage these risks, security and risk professionals need to first understand the ways in which social media exposes their organization, and then establish methods to appropriately control and monitor it. This report identifies and characterizes the different types of social media risk and presents methods to oversee and mitigate these risks, particularly through the adoption of social media control, engagement, management, and listening technologies.

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Three Best Practices for Implementing Social Media Compliance

Regulations for social media evolving, but many CMOs can’t wait for regulatory certainty before engaging customers through social media. To reduce risk, CMOs and legal, risk and compliance professionals should develop a social risk management and compliance role.


Proofpoint Social Media Protection – Overview

With Proofpoint’s proven, integrated platform, you can eliminate the brand, security, and compliance risks that stand in the way of enterprise social media success. By integrating with social media platforms and leading social marketing vendors, Proofpoint makes it easy to secure your social accounts.

Nexgate Social Media Security & Compliance Video Demo

Social Media Protection 3-Minute Video Demo

Proofpoint Social Media Protection solutions (formerly Nexgate) provides a unique set of tools to protect your brand’s social media accounts and address regulatory compliance risks. Our patent-pending technology integrates with all the major social media networks to find your brand’s accounts, monitor them for risks, and automatically ward off threats, including social spam, malware, account hacks, compliance violations, and more. Watch our 3-minute video demo to see what we can do for your organization.


Combat Angler Phishing – Stop Fraudulent Customer Support Accounts

Social angler phishing is a dangerous new variant of social media phishing. Fraudsters create fake customer support accounts on social media, then trick your customers into giving away their credentials, personal information and financial data. Learn how Proofpoint can help you combat angler phishing and safeguard your support interactions on social media.


Stop Social Account Hacks in Their Tracks

Hackers use a variety of entry points to gain access to your social media accounts. Once your account is hacked, both your company and your customers are at risk. Learn how Proofpoint can help you stop account hacks before they damage your brand.


Automate Your Social Media Compliance Auditing

Social media presents new compliance challenges. Since 2013, FINRA has been performing social media spot checks, which require you to provide a list of all the financial advisors that represent your company on social media, and proof that you are monitoring the content on those accounts. With Proofpoint SocialDiscover, you can quickly find the accounts associated with your company or brand. SocialDiscover will create an inventory of all the accounts associated with your brand. The tool also persistently monitors social networks for new accounts, so you’ll receive a notification each time a new account is created.


Top Five Social Media Scams Of 2016

Social media scams are on the rise as more and more cyber criminals flock to social to carry out attacks. In 2016, Proofpoint has already seen a 150% increase in social media phishing compared to 2015. Let’s look at the top 5 social media scams of 2016.


CBS This Morning Broadcast: Road To The Olympics

The road to the Olympics in Rio de Janerio has been a bumpy one, plagued by worries about Zika, doping, water pollution, street violence and construction delays. But now, with the summer games opening in less than a month, there’s a new concern–cybercrime. Our VP and General Manager, Devin Redmond, discusses how cybercriminals are exploiting the Olympic games and which social media risks to watch out for this summer.


Proofpoint ProfileLock 2-Minute Video Demo

Watch this short video to see how Proofpoint’s patent-pending ProfileLock technology can stop account hacks and tampering, and protect your brand, followers, and reputation.

Nexgate Social Media Threat Center

Proofpoint Social Threat Center Video Demo

In a complex social media landscape, understanding your exposure to security and compliance risk is a major challenge. Learn how Proofpoint’s Social Threat Center puts a complete picture of corporate social media risk at your fingertips.

Webcast: Mapping The Social Media Technology Stack

Webcast: Mapping The Social Media Technology Stack

These days there’s an “app” for just about everything, including in social media. Watch this recorded webcast to hear an expert discussion on mapping the social media technology stack, and get tips for protecting your social media marketing program.

Roles & Responsibilities Webcast

Webcast: Who’s on First – Managing Enterprise Social Media Risk

Watch Alan Webber, Principal at Asymmetric Insights, John Hair, Director, IT Advisory for KPMG, Chris Walker, Partner at Connect Marketing, and Devin Redmond, VP & General Manager of Proofpoint Social Media Protection, in a special webcast on organizational roles and responsibilities in social risk management.

Roles & Responsibilities Webcast

Social Media Hacks and Hijacks Podcast

With social media established as a cornerstone of brand marketing, the frequency with which critics or hoaxers hijack social media brands has been on the rise.

In this podcast, experts from Netflix, ING Bank, and Proofpoint Social Media Protection explore proven techniques and countermeasures to protect against and prevent social media hacking.

Nexgate Threat Infographic

The Dark Side Of Social Media: Fortune 100 Threat Infographic

Fortune 100 brands are no stranger to the dark side of social. Enterprise social media spend has grown by 269% over the last five years and with the mass adoption of social, we’ve seen these growing audiences attract bad actors who target large brands and their communities. Learn about the social media security risks facing the Fortune 100 in our latest infographic.

Nexgate Fraudulent Social Media Accounts Infographic

Anatomy Of Fraudulent Accounts Infographic

Cyber criminals create thousands of fake branded social media accounts every year. They use these fraudulent accounts to steal your customers’ information, distribute malware, spread propaganda, and damage your brand. It’s up to you to protect your company and your customers by discovering and removing fraudulent accounts on social media. Download this infographic to learn how fraudulent accounts can impact your brand.

Nexgate Social Media Acceptable Content Use Policy

Make Your Social Community Safe and Respectful

Your acceptable content use policy is designed to clearly articulate what your brand will and will not allow on your social media accounts. Simply download the template, enter your company name, post it to your website and link to it from your social accounts.

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