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We’ve created a variety of tools and assets to help you build a secure social media program for your brand. Many of the resources below are available free of charge, and we invite you to download, use, and share them with your colleagues.

If at any time you have questions about how to use these resources, or if you have an idea for something new, please feel free to contact us.

Nexgate Social Media Security & Compliance Video DemoNexgate 3-Minute Video Demo

Nexgate provides a unique set of tools to protect your brand’s social media accounts and address regulatory compliance risks. Our patent-pending technology integrates with all the major social media networks to find your brand’s accounts, monitor them for risks, and automatically ward off threats, including social spam, malware, account hacks, compliance violations, and more. Watch our 3-minute video demo to see what Nexgate can do for your organization.

Nexgate ProfileLock Social Media Security for Account Hacks

Nexgate ProfileLock 2-Minute Video Demo

Watch this short video to see how Nexgate’s patent-pending ProfileLock technology can stop account hacks and tampering, and protect your brand, followers, and reputation.

Webcast: Mapping The Social Media Technology Stack

Webcast: Mapping The Social Media Technology Stack

These days there’s an “app” for just about everything, including in social media. Watch this recorded webcast to hear an expert discussion on mapping the social media technology stack, and get tips for protecting your social media marketing program.

Roles & Responsibilities Webcast

Webcast: Who’s on First – Managing Enterprise Social Media Risk

Watch Alan Webber, Principal at Asymmetric Insights, John Hair, Director, IT Advisory for KPMG, Chris Walker, Partner at Connect Marketing, and Devin Redmond, Co-Founder & CEO of Nexgate in a special webcast on organizational roles and responsibilities in social risk management.

Roles & Responsibilities White Paper

White Paper: Mapping Organizational Roles & Responsibilities for Social Media Risk

To get optimal value from social media efforts, organizations need to establish controls for the downsides of the technology by first clearly defining which roles within their unique corporate structure should be involved in social media risk management and their specific responsibilities. This report outlines a framework for assigning roles and responsibilities to manage social media risk.

Get the Social Media Spam Report

2013 State of Social Media Spam Research Report

Social media spam is on the rise as a primary attack vector for cybercriminals. In fact, between January to July of 2013, social spam grew by more than 355%. As marketers scramble to become more social, the ‘bad guys’ are quickly following suit.

Download our report on social media spam techniques and trends. Written by our team of data scientists with analysis of more than 25 million user accounts and 60 million pieces of social content, we’ve uncovered some revealing findings

Nexgate Social Media Acceptable Content Use Policy

Make Your Social Community Safe and Respectful

Your acceptable content use policy is designed to clearly articulate what your brand will and will not allow on your social media accounts. Simply download the template, enter your company name, post it to your website and link to it from your social accounts.

5 Steps to Social Media Compliance

White Paper: Five Steps to Social Media Compliance

FINRA, the SEC, FFIEC, and the FDA – each has or is in the process of creating guidelines for social media communications to regulate organizations in their respective industries.

Download our paper on The Five Steps to Social Media Compliance to learn about how regulations may affect financial, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and other industries using social media, and what you can do to address the growing requirements for your organization.

Roles & Responsibilities Webcast

Social Media Hacks and Hijacks Podcast

With social media established as a cornerstone of brand marketing, the frequency with which critics or hoaxers hijack social media brands has been on the rise.

In this podcast, experts from Netflix, ING Bank, and Nexgate explore proven techniques and countermeasures to protect against and prevent social media hacking.

Gartner Cool Vendors Report Risk Management and Compliance for Social MediaGartner Cool Vendors in Risk Management and Compliance, 2013

Nexgate is included in this Cool Vendors report. The risk management and compliance Cool Vendors report presents new capabilities to address emerging requirements to improve business performance, address social compliance and cloud risks, and manage legal risks.

Guarding the Social GatesGuarding The Social Gates

Social media is the modern Pandora’s box: it has had a meteoric rise as a tool to interact and engage with customers, but also a dark underside exposing companies to new types of risk. Almost two-thirds of companies surveyed say that social media is a significant or critical risk to their brand reputation, yet 60% of companies either never train their employees about their corporate social media policies or do so only upon hiring. Moreover, 43% of companies have less then one full-time equivalent (FTE) dedicated to managing social media risk.

This report presents six steps to guarding your social gates.

Forrester Research Manage Social Media RiskManage The Risks Of Social Media

Social media is a security and risk nightmare — it’s used everywhere, all the time, by everyone both outside and inside your organization. Although social media offers potentially great marketing and business opportunities, it also exposes companies to numerous information security, regulatory, and reputational risks, among others. To manage these risks, security and risk professionals need to first understand the ways in which social media exposes their organization, and then establish methods to appropriately control and monitor it. This report identifies and characterizes the different types of social media risk and presents methods to oversee and mitigate these risks, particularly through the adoption of social media control, engagement, management, and listening technologies.

Gartner LogoThree Best Practices for Implementing Social Media Compliance

Regulations for social media evolving, but many CMOs can’t wait for regulatory certainty before engaging customers through social media. To reduce risk, CMOs and legal, risk and compliance professionals should develop a social risk management and compliance role.

Social Account DiscoverySocial Account Discovery: Finding Your Brand’s Social Infrastructure

The average enterprise has more than 300 social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and the other leading social networks.

The social web has unquestionably emerged as a core communication and engagement channel for businesses. However, identifying and managing so many social accounts can be a tremendous challenge, and failing to do so leaves real business opportunity on the table, introduces risk, and increases costs for organizations.

This paper describes the need for social account discovery and highlights the ROI for enterprise brands.

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