Intelligent Social Media Compliance & Archiving

Intelligent Social Content Archiving

Automate Social Media Compliance and Archiving for e-Discovery

gartner-2013-cool-vendor-learn-moreMore and more, compliance and governance requirements include archiving as a key piece of technology for social media. Unfortunately, most brands either lack this technology altogether or can’t classify content on-the-fly to reduce archiving and e-discovery costs.

Archiving is an important requirement for enterprise brands – one that should be done in conjunction with your standard archiving practices. As you, your fans, and followers post and comment on your social media properties, it’s critical to record those conversations for auditors and internal review. NOT archiving will cost you in penalties, and poor archiving using tools not designed for social media can significantly increase costs and make it harder to retrieve content.

Making archiving efficient in social media isn’t always easy. Although there are a multitude of archiving solutions on the market, few were designed with social media in mind. Simply archiving all social media communications without content classification can significantly increase your archiving and e-discovery costs, as well as the time it takes to query archived content.

What if you could automate archiving to make it both simple and scalable, and intelligently classify the archived content so it’s more searchable?

The solution is simple: Proofpoint SocialPatrol.

Make Archiving Simple and Smart

Proofpoint’s SocialPatrol seamlessly integrates with leading archiving solutions to intelligently collect and classify social media content for future search and eDiscovery.

SocialPatrol automates archiving across all your social media.

Using our SocialPatrol solution, you can simply integrate us with leading archiving solutions such as Proofpoint’s Enterprise Archive and select the social pages and accounts that you’d like to archive. Our solution will even archive historical content, while still classifying it according to your policy. Even better, if you discover a rogue employee’s social media accounts, you can quickly archive and retain all of that content.


Social Content Archiving Integration

Seamless Integration

Proofpoint’s SocialPatrol plugs into all the major social networks to aggregate posts, comments, and other content. Our service polls your social media, centrally collects content, and pushes it to your enterprise archiving solution. By integrating with your already deployed archiving technology, SocialPatrol lets you maximize your existing investment while consolidating your enterprise communications archiving infrastructure.

Intelligent Classification

Blindly archiving content can prove very costly. Every time you need it in the future, finding and collecting the content can be very inefficient. What’s more, a lack of good content classification can widen search results and be detrimental to any legal case. Proofpoint’s SocialPatrol provides built-in content classification policies to intelligently tag social media data before its copied into your archiving solution. By categorizing the content before you store it, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time and money down the line.


Ultimate Social Media Security Efficiency

Unparalleled Efficiency

Any time you’re talking about collecting and storing large amounts of data, you have to consider how to make the process efficient. Proofpoint’s SocialPatrol automates the collection, categorization, and containment of social media data. Our patent-pending content classification integrates with both your social networks and archiving solution and content is transmitted quickly and securely. Additionally, our intelligent classification engine tags your data before its archived, so finding it later on is fast and easy.

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