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Social Account Hacks


Paper: Stop Social Media Account HacksAttackers hijack social media accounts to embarrass a brand, distribute malware, manipulate stock prices, etc. The Associated Press, Jeep, CBS, FIFA, Burger King, and many others have suffered major hijacks.

A password is typically all that stands between a hacker and your brand’s page, profile, and fans. Conversely, hackers have a myriad of tools at their disposal.

  • Phishing schemes trick social media admins into giving up their credentials
  • Browser injections hijack authenticated sessions
  • Malware on your device silently steals credentials
  • Web application attacks harvest credentials from social network and applications databases

If you’re a social media marketer, you’re not a security expert. If you’re a security professional, you’re not a social media expert. And understanding of both disciplines is needed to protect social media.

The solution is simple: Proofpoint Social Media Protection (formerly Nexgate).

Burger King Account Hack

Burger King’s Twitter account was hijacked. Their header image, logo, and other profile attributes were replaced to reflect their rival. This was followed by a series of damaging nonsensical and drug-related Tweets. Proofpoint’s ProfileLock would have detected the hijack and immediately deleted damaging Tweets.

Protect Your Brand from Account Hijacks

Proofpoint SocialPatrol scans your social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, LinkedIn, and other social media networks to identify unapproved account changes, malicious content, and unapproved publishing applications.

Lock Social Media Profiles

One of the first things hackers do when they hijack your account is alter your profile – your logo, header image, description, etc. Our patented ProfileLock™ technology takes a snapshot of approved account profile settings and then constantly monitors the account for any unauthorized change. In the event of an unauthorized change, Proofpoint SocialPatrol instantly alerts you and optionally locks down the account to prevent the hijacker from publishing any damaging content. All approved changes and unapproved security incidents are logged to provide auditors with a complete account history. Watch our 2-minute video demo of ProfileLock


Remove Content Posted By Hackers

Once an account has been hacked, attackers immediately begin publishing malicious content on behalf of your brand. The goal may be to embarrass your organization with profanity, drug content etc. Even worse, hackers may aim to use your brand’s credibility to trick your community into clicking links to malware.

Our content filtering analytics scans all content published by your brand to identify profanity, spam, hate, malware, drugs, phishing, and dozens of other content types that indicate a hijacked account. Log, alert, or delete actions are instantly triggered any time Proofpoint SocialPatrol finds malicious or even inappropriate content. That’s security at the speed of social!



You’ve deployed a publishing tool and established content review workflow to ensure the integrity of content published to social media. Unfortunately hackers (and sometimes well-meaning employees) bypass your workflow by posting from the Web or other apps that have been given access to your accounts.

Proofpoint SocialPatrol’s Application Control Policy enforces approved content publishing workflow so that social media accounts ONLY accept content from authorized publishing applications. If a hacker (or employee) attempts to bypass your publishing tool via the Web or other app, we can automatically log, alert, or delete content according to policy. Enforcing content publishing workflow dramatically reduces your social attack surface and account hijack risk.


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