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Social Media Account Sprawl

Find, inventory and track your brand’s social media accounts

The average enterprise has nearly 200 social media accounts affiliated with its brand. How do we accumulate so many? Who owns them? What do they say?

Well-intentioned employees, partners, fans and followers love your brand so much that they create pages on Facebook, profiles on Twitter, accounts on Instagram, groups on Google+, and channels on YouTube. Multiply this for every product line and model, in every country and language, and before you know it, you have hundreds of social media accounts. Worse yet, each is managed by a different department – marketing, sales, support… even the finance team has a Facebook page for its annual barbeque.

What do you do? How do you simultaneously embrace this collective of social accounts and the benefits each bring to your organization without exposing your brand to risk? And, even more fundamentally, how do you automatically find, catalogue, and track brand affiliated accounts across social networks?

The answer is simple: Proofpoint Social Media Protection (formerly Nexgate).

Automated Social Account Search

Proofpoint SocialDiscover is a cloud-based service that seamlessly scans social media networks to find, catalogue, and track your brand’s social media accounts.

Comprehensive Scanning

SocialDiscover scans all the leading social networks to find your brand’s accounts. From within the our web-based console, you simply enter your brand in the search bar. You can search broadly for a company or brand, or focus your search to particular group or social media platform. You can even perform advanced searches that include/exclude additional terms and filter by activity or engagement.



Social Search Made Simple

SocialDiscover automatically scans Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and other social networks and presents a detailed list of accounts that are connected to your brand. You can select and categorize a discovered account any way you’d like (e.g., corporate page, department page, subsidiary, employee, partner, competitor, etc.). Some organizations spend months, manpower and money to find their social accounts. With SocialDiscover, it takes only minutes.

Rosetta Stone“We leverage Social Media channels heavily in our online marketing efforts and have many tools and products to drive activity and mine the data from our presence,” said Eric Ludwig, VP & GM US Consumer, Rosetta Stone. “What’s been missing is an automated way to keep track of this new system of accounts and tools, protect the integrity of those accounts from content and access issues, and even track those 3rd party accounts that are hijacking our efforts. Proofpoint Social Media Protection provides a solution to address those challenges.”

Prevent Social Media Fraud

Your brand is popular, and the barrier to create a new Facebook or Twitter account tied to your brand is low. Fraudsters know this, and can easily create fraudulently branded pages, co-opt your fans, deface your brand, and even steal from your customers. That’s why SocialDiscover continually scans social networks to detect and notify you any time a new branded account, page or group is added to a social network. Our recurring scans automatically find new accounts – as they’re created – and alert you in real-time so you can categorize the account as legitimate or fraudulent and take action to protect your fans and followers.


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