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Manage and Control Your Connected Social Media Apps

gartner-2013-cool-vendor-learn-moreIt seems like there’s an app for just about everything these days, including all your social media.  Have you ever wondered how many apps your admins have connected to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts? Facebook alone has more than 10 million available.

Marketing and publishing apps, support apps, social integration apps, photo and video sharing apps, mobile apps, etc. – each help expand reach and engagement. However, they also introduce security and compliance risks.

Most enterprise brands, for example, have invested in a publishing tool with an established workflow.  However, like everyone, they still likely use many other publishing and mobile apps (e.g. HootSuite, TweetDeck, etc.) along with direct posting from the web. All of these options bypass your approved publishing app(s) and workflow and introduce risk.

And it’s not just third-party apps that expose your brand to risk. Internal web 2.0 enabled and support apps can also connect to your social media and publish. What’s more, even the social networks themselves can publish to each other. What this means, for example is that if your Pinterest account is compromised, it may be able to publish bad content directly to your other social properties.

What if you could manage and control the apps that can connect to your social media accounts?  What if you could authorize only specific, approved tools to publish content, thereby enforcing your social media workflow?

With Nexgate. YOU CAN!

Stop Unauthorized Social Media Apps

Nexgate automates discovery, management, and protection of your accounts from unauthorized apps. Within minutes, you can discover and manage the apps that are connected to your social media and significantly reduce the chances of a hack, compliance violation or employee error that could result in significant damage to your brand.


Inventory All Connected Applications

Ever wonder how many apps are connected across all of your social media accounts? Nexgate scans and creates an inventory of your connected applications. Our built-in reporting lets you instantly see all of the applications your employees are using to post content to your accounts. With Nexgate, you can quickly monitor whether employees are bypassing your approved publishing tools and workflow and putting your brand at risk. Want to understand what tools your followers use to engage your brand? No problem! Nexgate also shows you the apps most commonly used by your fans and followers so you can better design and test content for their consumption.



Manage Your Approved Apps

Nexgate lets you whitelist applications for use with your social media. With just the check of a box, you can use any of our built-in application policies to approve your social media tools. Any content published from an unauthorized application is instantly blocked and reported. Have a custom app? No problem! Nexgate lets you easily add a custom social media application for approved use, giving you the option to block any others.

Get Real-time Alerts

Nexgate continuously scans your social media accounts across Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to monitor for connected applications. If any administrator adds an app or publishes content from an unauthorized app, whether via a browser or mobile device, Nexgate automatically alerts you and enforces your application security policy.


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