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gartner-2013-cool-vendor-learn-moreMost enterprises have invested in a social media content publishing tool and workflow. It’s a best practice that improves quality and reduces risk. However, Proofpoint Social Media Protection’s (formerly Nexgate) analysis of data from nearly 100 organizations reveals that the average enterprise has 9 different apps posting to social media! Native web interfaces, photo sharing, blogging, mobile phone, and other apps all find ways to circumvent approved workflow. These apps are not only a source of spam and inappropriate content, but a path that attackers exploit to access your accounts.

It’s not just third-party apps that expose you to risk. Your own web apps (support, etc.) can publish too. Even social networks themselves can publish to each other. This means that, for example, if your Pinterest account is compromised, hackers can publish malicious content directly to connected social properties. Every connected publishing app increases your attack surface.

Have you ever wondered how many apps your admins have connected to your accounts? There is virtually no way to know since, in most cases, each admin has no visibility into the settings of other admins.

Why keep paying for a content publishing tool if your users are not going to use it? What if you could authorize only approved publishing tools, thereby enforcing workflow, reducing attack risk, and improving content quality?

With Proofpoint Social Media Protection solutions, YOU CAN!

Kitchen Aid Publishing Hack

A KitchenAid social media manager authorized his Twitter for Windows mobile phone app on both personal and @KitchenAid accounts. When he tweeted tasteless personal comments during a presidential debate, he forgot that his phone app was pointing to the @KitchenAid handle – with disastrous results. Proofpoint’s Social Media Protection Publishing App Controls would have prevented this blunder.


Our Application Controls enforce approved content publishing workflow by managing which apps are authorized to post to social media accounts. Within minutes, you can discover and control which apps can publish. Gaining control over social media publishing significantly reduces the risk of hacks, compliance violations, and employee errors that result in significant damage to your brand.


Ever wonder how many apps publish across all of your social media accounts? Our reporting delivers instant visibility into all of the apps your employees are using to post content. You can quickly monitor whether employees are putting your brand at risk by bypassing approved publishing tools and workflow.

Want to understand which tools your followers use to engage your brand? No problem! Proofpoint Social Media Protection solutions also shows you the apps most commonly used by your fans and followers so you can better design and test content for their consumption.

Top Publishing Applications Used

Publishing Application Control Policy


Proofpoint Social Media Protection solutions lets you select specific applications that are authorized for social media publishing. Content published from other unauthorized applications is instantly deleted, triggers alerts, or logged for reporting. Have a custom app? No problem! Our solution lets you easily create custom applications to be approved for publishing.

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