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Social Media Risk + Compliance

Ensure Compliance with Industry Regulations and Corporate Governance

If you’re a financial, insurance, healthcare, or other regulated industry and your brand is social, you’re probably giving thought to how to address many of the requirements governing your organization.

SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, etc. are all being re-engineered to cover increased brand use of social media. However, addressing compliance requirements isn’t a simple task.

Social media marketers – the folks on the front line of your social brand – aren’t likely compliance experts. And similarly, compliance officers aren’t often social media experts, let alone engaged or even privy to what the brand is doing in the social web. Bridging the gap between compliance requirements and practice in social media can be a big challenge.

Fortunately, Nexgate can help!

Implement Compliance Controls for Your Brand’s Social Media

Nexgate simplifies compliance and risk management for your social media. Within minutes, you can discover and manage the apps that are connected to your social media and significantly reduce the chances of a hack, compliance violation or employee error that could results in significant damage to your brand.  


Pre-built Compliance Policies and Reports

Nexgate comes pre-built with policy templates and reports for some of the leading social media regulatory requirements, including:

  • FINRA Incidents Report – Protects retail communications and customer response risks in accordance with regulatory requirements
  • FDA Incidents Report – Detects, protects, and reports on FDA Off-Label Information and Adverse Drug Experience Risks
  • HIPAA / PHI Incidents Report – Identifies, remediates, and reports on HIPAA regulated data, including private health information
  • Content Compliance Report – Details generic governance and compliance policies
  • Social Governance Report – Includes application policies to limit risk from unauthorized application use and to enforce approved policy and workflow
  • And more…

Simply select a policy – or create your own – and customize the remediation action (e.g. log, notify, or delete). Nexgate will then automatically scan content across all your social media properties, apply your policy, and provide detailed reports for you and your auditors.

Deep Analytics with Expansive Coverage

Posts and comments in social media sometimes aren’t the easiest to discern. Odd phrases, conjunctions and abbreviations litter most Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, making it difficult to tell the difference between something that’s innocuous and a compliance violation. Nexgate uses a patented content inspection engine that includes natural language processing (NLP) technology to accurately detect compliance violations embedded in the natural tongue of the social web. Our advanced analytics go beyond keywords and dictionaries to analyze content within the context it’s presented – across an individual post to the entire thread. These analytics, combined with our expansive coverage for regulated content, provide incredibly accurate compliance enforcement and reporting.



Automatic Scanning and Enforcement

There are more than 3 billion likes and comments on Facebook alone each day. The amount of content generated across all of your social media accounts is likely too much for you to sift through manually. Nexgate automates content scanning, incident identification, reporting, and will alert you in real-time of any violations, saving you and your team significant amounts of time and money. With automated scanning and enforcement, you’re free to focus on real problems, not noise.

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