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gartner-2013-cool-vendor-learn-moreYou invest a lot to engage your brand in social media, but malicious content constantly undermines your efforts. In fact, Proofpoint Social Media Protection (formerly Nexgate) research found that in 2013, 1 in 28 social media messages contained some form of malicious content. Profanity, hate, bullying, and pornographic content undermine your efforts to create a safe and secure community. Attackers use social spam to post malware links, and even well-intentioned employees sometimes accidentally post inappropriate content with serious consequences.

The more successful your social programs, the more frequently you encounter trouble.

How do you protect your brand and community from malicious content? Hiring an army of people to manually moderate content on all your accounts just isn’t scalable. Outsourcing lacks quality control and gets expensive fast.

What if you could automate content moderation with a few clicks? How much time and money would you save? How much more successful would you be?

You can make it happen with Proofpoint Social Media Protection!

Malicious Social Media Content

Profanity laden rants and “work from home” scams are just two examples of malicious content that undermines social media marketing investments and damages the brand.

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Social Content Moderation That Scales

Proofpoint’s SocialPatrol content filtering automatically removes malware, spam, phishing, pornography, profanity, abuse, hate, and other dangerous content from social media accounts. It delivers scalable content moderation that makes social media safer and more engaging for your brand and community.

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Global Spam Protection

In 2013, 1 in 200 social media messages contained spam, and 15% of that spam contained potentially dangerous URLs linked to malware, work from home scams, and similar schemes. In addition, total social spam volume increased by 660% over 2012 – a growth rate 100% greater than non-spam social media.

To address social spam threats, Proofpoint SocialPatrol automatically blocks postings from more than 10,000 spammers identified by our Social Threat Intelligence Database. This continuously growing list of global spammers is compiled through ongoing analysis of over 25,000,000 individual user accounts, 10,000 branded accounts, and 300 million pieces of social content. Every Proofpoint SocialPatrol customer contributes to the database every day, creating a collective security net that stops fast-moving, cross-platform spam.

Content Moderation in Minutes

More than 110 content categories and 7 predefined policy templates make it ultra-easy to moderate content. Simply choose from any of our built-in templates for finance, healthcare, retail, technology, etc. Then, review selected content category policy actions and assign your preferences to the desired social accounts. It’s that simple.

Proofpoint’s SocialPatrol content policy will automatically log, notify, or delete content on the fly across all your Facebook pages, Twitter, and other social media accounts. You can virtually eliminate manual moderation in minutes.

Malicious Content Policy Categories


Deep Social Linguistic Analysis (DSLA)

Automated content moderation is great, but if it’s not accurate it’s all for naught. That’s why Proofpoint’s SocialPatrol uses patent-pending Deep Social Linguistic Analysis (DSLA) to analyze all social media content.

DSLA goes beyond basic keywords and dictionaries to understand social media language as its communicated in natural form, analyzing the proximity of words in relation to one another, the full thread or discussion, and scanning any short or long URLs to make sure no risky content gets posted.

Lightning Fast

API integration with leading social networks means we’re scanning content in real time. The entire scanning and remediation process happens in seconds, 24/7. Not only does Proofpoint SocialPatrol beat the performance of our competition, but it provides your brand with infinite scalability

Fast Performing Content Moderation

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