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Security for the Social Cloud

Security for the Social CloudProofpoint Social Media Protection solutions (formerly Nexgate) are entirely cloud-based. Since most social media security threats never traverse a corporate perimeter or device, cloud-based technology is really the only way to go from a security perspective. It also means our time-to-value and scalability characteristics are very different from traditional security solutions. Customers of any size can automatically discover branded social media accounts and enable controls that deliver value in less than an hour. There is no need to deal with the hassles of server, appliance, proxy, or client deployment.

Security For Your Social Infrastructure

Strong Policy Enforcement

Social media security solutions that rely only on passive alert and log-based policy enforcement actions don’t scale in enterprise social media environments (think of the old IDS days). Most organizations don’t have headcount or expertise to investigate every alert.

We’ve partnered with leading social media sites for API-level integration that delivers a scalable policy model with options to alert, log, and even automatically delete content when needed. Malware links, hate speech, threats, profanity, compliance violations, and other risky content are automatically deleted without disrupting legitimate discussion. Highly accurate, strong enforcement options enable marketing teams to drive unlimited social growth, without security and compliance concerns.

Social Media Security Categories

Platform Social Media Security

Platform Security

Our cloud infrastructure is subject to strict secure coding methodologies and regular penetration testing. In addition, encryption, application security, firewalls, and the latest in anti-malware ensure that Proofpoint’s Social Media Protection solution is safe and compliant. Secure code design and rigorous engineering security procedures safeguard the integrity of our solutions and customer data.

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