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Social Media Security Threat CenterProofpoint Social Media Protection (formerly Nexgate) enterprise infrastructure integrations help our customers…

➢ Identify advanced threats by combining the unique strengths of multiple security technologies
➢ Reduce TCO by leveraging existing investments in operational process such as incident response, log management, and reporting
➢ Meet compliance requirements for authentication, archiving, etc.

Social Media Security Technology Ecosystem

Cloud Single Sign-On

Cloud single sign-on integrations enable secure password management and account provisioning for multiple cloud applications. Users sign-on once to an application like Proofpoint’s Password Lockbox with a single password or two-factor authentication, and subsequent authentication to other applications (like Salesforce) is handled transparently. Users need only remember a single password, credentials cannot be phished, password security policies are consistently applied, and the business gains centralized provisioning of cloud application rights. Supported cloud single sign-on integrations include the following.

➢ OneLogin
➢ Ping Identity

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication protects enterprise infrastructure from a wide range of attacks targeting user credentials (e.g. phishing). Two-factor authentication is also a common compliance requirement. Supported two-factor authentication integrations include the following.

➢ Coming Soon – Google Authentication

SIEM/Threat Intelligence Integrations

Our SIEM/Threat Intelligence integrations enable a unified threat view that spans both corporate and social networks. By correlating social media security incidents with those reported by other security controls, response teams can detect advanced threats that that would otherwise go unnoticed. These integrations also lower TCO by enabling Proofpoint Social Media Protection solutions to leverage operational process already built around SIEM solutions (e.g. incident response, log management, and reporting.) Our solution delivers both security incident and administrative/system audit logs to the SIEM.

Supported SIEM/Threat Intelligence integrations are listed below. Since SIEM/Threat Intelligence integrations are based on standard interfaces, additional solutions can also be integrated.

➢ HP ArcSight
➢ Splunk
➢ Sumo Logic

Archiving and eDiscovery

Proofpoint Social Media Protection solutions seamlessly integrates with leading archiving solutions to record and classify all social media content (brand posts, fan comments, etc.) for future audit and eDiscovery. For more information, check out Intelligent Social Content Archiving. Supported archiving and eDiscovery integrations include the following.

➢ Symantec
➢ Smarsh
➢ Global Relay
➢ Bloomberg Vault

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