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Social Threat Center

The average enterprise has hundreds social media accounts – all subject to an array of threats. Account hijacking, spam, profanity, compliance violations, data loss, and other threats are a constant pain. It’s not possible for any security or marketing team to manually analyze each account for every threat, every day of the week.

Proofpoint’s Social Threat Center is a real-time security operations console that aggregates security intelligence from all corporate social accounts and all relevant social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.). Intelligence is organized according to threat type and prioritized to present a complete picture of social media security posture. With the Social Threat Center, you know exactly where you weaknesses lie and what actions are needed to remedy those weaknesses.

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Actionable Social Media Security Insights & Integrations

Complete Coverage

The Social Threat Center extends to all six core dimensions of social media security: data loss / compliance, hack prevention, malicious content filtering, fake account detection, app control, and access management. The result is a complete, yet actionable picture of social media risk that’s unmatched by any competitor.

Social Media Security Coverage


A View of Both Threats and Security Effectiveness

Not only does the Threat Center expose the range of threats impacting your accounts, it also evaluates into how well your security controls are working to defeat those threats. How many compliance incidents are deleted, reviewed, and un-reviewed? How many incidents occur on unprotected accounts? How much money is saved through automated security moderation? Understanding where controls are working, and where they need improvement enables you to make adjustments that maximize the value of security investments.

Under the Hood – The Social Threat Intelligence Database

Our researchers and scanners constantly analyze millions of social media posts to identify scams, malicious URLs, bad actors, compliance violations, and more. This aggregated intelligence forms the world’s deepest source of social media security knowledge – the Social Threat Intelligence Database. This deep understanding of Social Threats powers the breadth and depth of Social Threat Center visibility. In the end, our customers choose Proofpoint Social Media Protection because no one knows more about of social media threats.

Social Threat Intelligence Database

Social Threat Risk Scoring

Social Risk Scoring

Virtually every Proofpoint Social Media Protection customer finds that, at first, they have dozens of unmanaged accounts, risky content categories, unapproved publishing apps, and suspicious commenters. But which represent greatest risk? Without prioritization it’s difficult, if not impossible, to take productive action. We apply proprietary risk scoring algorithms to identify exactly which accounts, content types, applications, admins, and commenters represent greatest risk. With risk scoring, our solution is not yet another endless source of log data, but a management platform that drives action to continuously reduce risk.

Enterprise Infrastructure Integration

Intelligence from the Social Threat Center integrates with enterprise security intelligence solutions (SIEMs, etc.) from leading vendors such as Symantec, HP, and others to provide a unified view of enterprise threats that spans both corporate and social networks.

Threat Intelligence Integrations

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