Social Media Threat Intelligence Database

Social Threat Intelligence Database



Social Threat Intelligence DatabaseProofpoint Social Media Protection solutions are powered by the world’s deepest source of social media security knowledge – the Proofpoint Social Threat Intelligence Database. Our researchers and automated scanners constantly analyze millions of social media posts to develop a database of malicious content, attack patterns, applications, perpetrators, and compliance violations. This intelligence is then continuously fed into our policy engines to ensure that customers receive up-to-the-minute protections against the widest range of social threats. A sampling of data covered as of July 2014 includes the following.

➢ Over 300,000,000 scanned posts
➢ Over 25,000,000 scanned users
➢ More than 150,000 branded accounts scanned
➢ Over 10,000 known social media threat perpetrators
➢ Over 6,000,000 malicious, inappropriate, and compliance content patterns
➢ 110 content categories (e.g. Spam, Malware, Hate, Adult Language)
➢ 35 compliance content policy categories (e.g. FFIEC, Credit Card Numbers, Earnings and Financial Updates)
➢ 7 pre-built, industry specific content policy templates (e.g. Financial, Media/Entertainment, etc.)

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